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AREAS / Social media content creation and influencer coordination
YEAR / 2023-2024

Gloria Vanderbilt was a pioneer who paved the way for women in business, fashion and art. Creator of the designer jean movement, was one of the first major brands launched by a woman, for women. Her perfumes are classic and loved worldwide, and have remained a best seller for decades. 

In Red - A new addition to the Gloria Vanderbilt family, approaches through a younger scent a whole new generation of bolder women.
Through different actions in key locations and successful social media collaborations, we introduced the new fragance to her newest advocates. 

Drakkar is ready to evolve towards new horizons: EXTREME SPORTS. In a world where masculinity is undergoing constant change, we intend to redefine its identity to reflect the courage, tenacity and passion that caracterizes extreme sports enthusiasts, values that we rescued from the old conceptualization of the brand. We chose to partner with ambassadors who embody these values, athletes and adventurers who defy convention and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 

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