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AREAS / Project Management, Production, Set design
IN COLLABORATION WITH / Antena3, CC. Moda Shopping
YEAR / 2019

El cuerpo inventado addresses the main lines that have reigned in the field of fashion from the early twentieth century to the present day, contextualizing the aesthetic canons that have prevailed throughout this period, giving them a new vision, and discussing the "body-fashion" relationship.

El cuerpo inventado - DOCUMENTARY,  filmed during the installation, summarizes the development of the project and has the testimonies of the main profiles, technical and creative, which are key figures in a project like this one.

Capítulo 01 - Alfonso Ohnur
Capítulo 02 - Juan Gutierrez
Capítulo 03 - Mingo y Carol
Capítulo 04 - Lydia Garcia
Capítulo 05 - Jose Luis y Marta
Capítulo 06 - Leandro Cano
Capítulo 07 - Cristina Pedroche y Josie

ProjectROOM  project management, creative direction, production management, set design, design and production of graphics and audiovisual pieces, staff coordination and management, website development and social media communication.

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