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AREAS / Project Management, production, graphic design, audiovisual, social media content creation
CLIENT / IN COLLABORATION WITH / Mij Hoteles, Ayuntamiento de Santa Eulalia
YEAR / 2023

The Reference - A toursim & hospitality project in Ibiza, highlighting the work of the island's artisans in the 50th anniversary of the Hippy Market Punta Arabí, the first of its kind in the island. 

Hippy Markey by The Reference__DSF5662.jpg

We are what we believe in -   "Find the origin. A safe place that allows you to experience the roots of a place: the people who inhabit it, their way of life and the local cuisine. An active search where you become a part of what surrounds you, like one more, filling you with life, returning with a full heart and squeezing the origins. ​That emotion of discovering, living and rediscovering the magic of a place through The Reference.

Get to know the history -  This is where the hippies who arrived on the island in the 1970s began to sell their crafts. Today, some have left but the market retains the originality of offering local items. More than 400 artisans and artists offer their exclusive creations of handicrafts, fashion, accesories, jewelry, natural cosmetics, antiques, decorative objects, musical instruments and a host of artisan products with a unique character.

The Reference  -  ProjectROOM, trough our hospitailty experiences brand "The Reference", coordinated and designed the set, graphic materials and music for every market, every wednesday and friday from april to october. While wednesday market was the traditional hippy event, on fridays we started Sunset Market, with a curated selection of artisans and DJs, advertised through local press, and social media.  

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